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Romantic RPG Haven adds same-gender couple options in new update

Love is in the air again

The Game Bakers’ lovely RPG Haven is getting a few more options for its key couple. In a free update out today, the star-crossed lovers Yu and Kay can now be a same-gender couple.

Previously, Yu and Kay were in a heterosexual relationship. With this update, players can opt to flip Yu to male, or Kay to female, allowing for same-gender pairings.

The Game Bakers said in its update that this won’t change the actual story arc of Haven, as you’re still playing the story of Yu and Kay. This does, however, open up romance for a broader audience who’d want to see and identify with these couplings.

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According to the studio, the original concept for Haven had eight couples, with a diverse range of relationships. During production the number slimmed down to the two characters, Yu and Kay. But after launch, the studio started working on this update, to allow for these versions of the couple.

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Haven was a bit of a departure for The Game Bakers, after the frenzied boss rush of fury. Rather than dueling with increasingly difficult bosses, Haven is an RPG about a couple on the run from society, opting to elope rather than be separated.

I’ve only played a few hours of it, but my experience was pretty heartwarming. It was nice seeing a couple as the main focus of a story, especially one that was already in love rather than the usual run-up to dating. This update seems like a really cool way to open that experience up to more people, while keeping the core of what makes Haven click intact.

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The Couples Update for Haven is out now on all available platforms.

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