Russian, Belarusian, and / or Russiai enterprises with WePlay Holding ends ties

Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, a UK esports holding company

WePlay announced on Monday that it did not organize the next Gamers Galaxy: Dota 2 Invitational Series Dubai 2022, to the community, and not to distribute in Russian.

Image credit: WePlay Holding.

WePlay Holding operates esports holding company WePlay Esports and fighting games hub DashFight. The Kiev, Ukraine, and Los Angeles The Company has.

This move has been made in response to Russia’s recent domestic invasion of Ukraine on the 24th February and by a raft of sanctions in Western countries.

WePlay Holding said it has shut down every type of cooperation with legal entities from Russia. This includes all partnerships with corporations in the country. We Play Holdings Promote Legal Entities

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Starting immediately, we will not advertise in Russian names in its broadcasts. And it also stops the cooperation with the Russian contractors.

WePlay Holding has, besides, a war which means that the partnership between the government and the war has been terminated. Belarus is the Russian President of the Affluent Rival, Vladimir Putin, and is also subjected to sanctions from the West over its role in the war.

Finally, WePlay Esports says it refuses to broadcast the next Gamers Galaxy: Dota 2 Invitational Series Dubai 2022 in Russian. You’re a Russian-language broadcast rather than a Ukranian-language broadcast. It’s the coming back community.

The press statement on WePlay Holdings has the meaning of: The Russian Federation Conduct of Terrorism against Territorial Integrity and Independence of Ukraine. However, we can’t hold the playoffs in front of these events.

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WePlay Holding said it will fulfill all its obligations to other partners. The company’s employees are working remotely to ensure their safety, the company said.

Its invasion of the fifth day on Russia broke. Peace talks between Russia and Ukraine, but international sanctions and support continue to be intense.

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