Russian diplomat and George Galloway crammed out by false media report streamer, WingsOfRedemption, billed as the first American fatality of the Ukraine crisis

The fake account @CNNUKR, which has been banned by Twitter, made people believe its CNN account was fake. Bernie is an activist who was killed by the Ukraine crisis in 1964.

Bernie was killed by a journalist in Afghanistan (separate article for scroll down).

This time, the tweets have been tricked by the Russian diplomat Dmitry Polyanskiy, the permanent representative of Russia in the US, who is now a real legitimate CNN account, or playing dumb to the United States’ media as an enemy. He called the tweets the lie and the fakes of mainstream media.

If you are a mistake, you have to know, the main battle is not in Ukraine, but that was a lie and the false name of MSM #fakenews

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Dmitry Polyanskiy (@Dpol_un) February 28, 2022

Some others were also fooled by the troll accounts, including George Galloway. The British politician and radiodiffusor currently produces content on RT UK, a TV news channel with headquarters in the UK, part of the RT-Network, which can also serve as a Russian state-controlled and funded TV network.

The news prompted a senior staffer to leave CNN and publicly deny the validity of the reports.

Matt Dornic, head of strategic communication for CNN, told Reuters This is an absolutely useless post.

He said that social content and stories are false. CNN has never reported this, either.

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WingsOfRearemption has recently been banned on Twitter. Last year he was banned from Twitch, but it seems his account is live again. He currently streams on YouTube.

What would WingsORedemption say about this?

Any Russian diplomat in the chat who has a CNN that has probably published fake news.

The esports community reacts to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Original article by Billy Studholme (published August 2021).

There have been three accounts suspended.

She survived Beirut, and now this! Bernie Richard Gores, he drinks Pepsi with the angels now at

Evangelium (@Evangelium 18) August 17, 2021

Watch the videos on the same page on Jordan.

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Another example is the fake account, in Jordan’s words, the first name with a racial slur is Bernie. Jordan has been accused of racism in the past, as well as other wrongdoings.

The WingsOfRedemptions online trolls for The Lie Believed To Be Responsible. As a resuscitation of the Internet, the American broadcaster is notorious for his harmful streams and his skeptical beliefs based on various sensitive subjects.

In typical social-media mode, commentators manipulate the fake news to suit their own agenda. In his Facebook page Crowder with Louder, a popular conservative commentator used a fake tweet to criticize Joe Biden’s policy decisions in Afghanistan.

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