Samsung RAM Plus Feature Supported Device List

Samsung RAM Plus: Many smartphone OEMs have developed their own approaches to virtual RAM expansion so that low-memory phones can keep up with app demands. By doing this, multitasking capabilities are improved, and more apps can be cached for faster app launch times.

Samsung has found a way to increase your phone’s RAM without having to pay anything. Do not overreact. RAM Plus is the name of the feature Samsung is introducing in several Galaxy smartphones. Memory paging is a feature that already exists in Android and almost every other modern OS, so RAM Plus is like old wine in a new bottle. 


Samsung RAM Plus Feature

RAM on the phone can be expanded by up to 7GB with this expansion. This means that an average smartphone with 4 GB of RAM can have 11 GB of RAM. In addition, a smartphone with 12GB of memory can offer as much as 19GB of RAM. You can read more about Samsung One UI 4.0 Official Roadmap for Galaxy Devices based on Android 12 here  

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Samsung RAM Plus Available in these smartphones

  1. Ga laxy A52
  2. Galaxy A52s
  3. Galaxy A52 5G
  4. Galaxy Z Fold 3
  5. Galaxy S21
  6. Galaxy S21+
  7. Galaxy S21 Ultra

When additional RAM is needed, the system adds 2GB of internal storage. Accordingly, depending on whether you have 6GB or 8GB of RAM, you will effectively have 8GB or 10GB of RAM.

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