Samsung’s Galaxy Book 2 Pro is powered by Intel Arc graphics

These are the first laptops that we’ve seen that are powered by the new P and U series of chips and Arc graphics.

(Credit: Samsung)

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As soon as the world comes out, we can expect a lot of big things from the tech giant in 2022. The company promised that it would ship more than four million discrete GPUs this year, but it was expected to find at least a day 0 driver for Elden Ring first. The Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro series.

Intel has been sprucing up its new set of well-adjusted 12th gen chips for a while, while the beefy H series did well in gaming laptops. Intel’s Evo series of laptops combine the company’s CPU and GPU power, creating a fantastic collection of lightweight equipment. Just recently Intel examined the mobile oriented P and U series of Alder Lake chips, which come in over twenty different variants. Reportedly they already have over 250 device designs. The Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro is very likely to be among the first.

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Intel and AMD versions are the most gaming CPU I think. This card is a better one: your perfect pixel-pieder awaits. If it is the best SSD available for gaming, start getting into the game with the rest of the game.

Samsung’s new line of thin Windows 11 laptops lists for i7 and i5 12th Gen Intel Core processors for both the Galaxy Book2 Pro and Galaxy Book2 Pro 360. It also states that its latest Intel 12th Gen processors. While this may prove to be the new P or U series of Alder Lake mobile chips, it seems likely that it is one thing, especially given the size of these devices.

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These will work with new graphics cards like Intel. While these low-end units look like they’ll run Intel Iris Xe graphics, Intel Arcade seems to be the least expensive option on the Galaxy Book 2 Pro.

These devices are definitely gaming on no effect. In the most sales pitch, there’s a feature called Auto Framing, and two-directional AI noise canceling speakers that position it as a trendy productivity device. Nevertheless, these specs, including the 32GB of DDR5 and a TB SSD, are certainly a portable gaming device as it works. The Steam Deck was released in late August and it could be the gaming portable of the year.

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