Sega Gives New Details About “Super Game” Concept: Multiplatform AAA Games Released Worldwide


Today Sega published an interview on its Japanese website about the “Super Game” concept that it announced about a year ago.

Today Sega published an interview on its Japanese website about the “Super Game” concept that it announced about a year ago.

The interviewfeaturing executive vice-president Shuji Utsumi, producer Masayoshi Kikuchi, and general manager Katsuya Hisai, providing more details about the concept and what we can expect.

The plan was to put motion in 2019 and strengthen the value of Sega’s IP, including older ones to create new games.

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There are actually multiple games in development within this “Super Game” framework and the idea is to create titles that go beyond the traditional framework, for example by creating new entertainment focusing on the relationship between players and the audience watching them play.

Four points are required for a title to be classified as “Super Game” and they are multiplatform, global multilingual support, simultaneous worldwide release, and AAA scale. Basically, they’re games that aim to become global blockbusters.

About 50 developers are involved in the initial stage of the project, but the expectation is to grow to include hundreds of people.

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Those working on the project form a hybrid team of developers who have been working on console, mobile, and arcade games, combining their know-how to create titles that only Sega can do.

New external technologies are being included. For example, this includes a partnership with Microsoft for the use of Azure development. In addition to that, Sega is promoting partnerships with a variety of companies to incorporate their technology into its games.

Unreal Engine 5 is being used for development and Sega is also collaborating with start-up companies on the field of AI technology to debugging both back-end work and front-end work like in-game camera control, live commentary, and automated. voice synthesis.

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The developers are also working on building a development flow that generates objects in Houdini, or a tech that creates CGI from clothing patterns.

Interestingly, we hear that the team believes that the key to challenging the global market is “Japaneseness” as games that are uniquely Japanese, created by people who live in Japan or who love Japanese content. This does not mean that only Japanese developers are involved with a diverse set of values ​​cultivated through experience overseas is also important. There are many non-Japanese developers working at Sega and they intend to continue to promote diversity in the future, aiming to work with people who love Japanese content to create games for the global market.

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