Sega is planning several remakes and spin-offs of previous games for release this year

That’s in no small part for Sega, due to COVID-19 forcing the closure of arcade businesses already falling apart. Over the past year, the company has been working on a change in strategy to help make its business more sustainable long-term. The good news for fans of classic Sega games is that it means more remakes and remasters of older Sega IPs.

In its annual earnings presentation to investors, Sega outlined some of its plans for the current fiscal year, which runs from April 2022 to March 2023. One of those plans includes “multiple titles” that Sega considers “remakes/remasters, spin-offs” . / Change of subject.”

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Although the wording is a big clunky one there, Sega does offer some useful examples from this past year: Think more games like Sonic Colors: Ultimate, Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania, or Lost Judgment. The publisher is expecting to sell a total of 5 million units from this range, up from last year’s 40 lakh.

Including all new releases, Sega is aiming to publish 13 games during the same period, up from seven last year. We already know about Sonic Frontiers, Sonic Origins, Soul Hackers 2, Endless Dungeon and Two Point Campus, and it’s possible that last month’s Switch release of 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim is also counting on that total. . That would leave seven games we don’t know about yet, and possibly several remakes or remasters.

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So what remake can we see? It’s hard to say, but a Sega presentation from a year ago has some clues. Along with the announcement of its new strategy, Sega has listed several older IPs as examples it could look to for remasters, remakes or reboots (many of which we’ve already seen remasters or remakes of). They are:

  • crazy taxi
  • jet set radio
  • space channel 5
  • rage
  • Panzer Dragon
  • nights
  • shinobi
  • Virtue Fighter
  • altered Beast
  • dead house
  • streets of fury
  • soul hackers

There’s no guarantee that we’ll see any of the specific games on that list again — it’s just a bunch of ideas that Sega was exploring as of last year. But it’s good news nonetheless, that Sega is set to liberally mine its classic library as a part of its plans to grow in the coming years. Fingers crossed for more Space Channel 5, right?

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