Shadowlands: Eternity Ends Class Set Preview

Players can start to collect new 5,600-piece Class Sets for their purpose. This is a set of two or four pieces of equity when you specialize on prestigious bonuses.

Obtaining the New Class Sets.

A squeacher of the First-Genesizers will open their mouths.

There are many ways of acquiring sets of pieces. The first of every four is to defeat the bosses in the new Sepulcher of the First ones raid. The following bosses can drop a set of pieces:

  • Halondrus, The Inhabitus (Sends), The Reclaimer (Legs), The Human Reclaimer (Lights).
  • Idri Liehuvim, Chief Architect (Hands) (Official Order):
  • Anduin Wrynn (Chair)
  • Lords of Destruction (sorres)
  • Rygelon (Chest)

Note: The Lords of Dread and Rygelon bosses are available when season 3 arrives, so they’ll be available next week. The first of the Sepulcher, they launched their first Mythic difficulties.

Each boss will drop at least one set token (raid size with scaling). Whenever one of the bosses drops a set item, you will receive it in the form of a token. This token is not trading until you have at least one piece in the same slot or the same level as the token you have gotten. As soon as you have the same keys in your bags, right-click the set token, so that you instantly get the perfect set piece for your class. Here you will find the groupings and the setting-wise look of all class sets.

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Mystic (Druid, Hunter, Mage): One et al.

Druid Set: Fixed Stars of Tapestries: Fixed Stars of Tidestry.

Druid Set: The Fixed Stars of Tapestry

Hunter set: Godstalker’s battlegear.

Hunter Set: Godstalker's Battlegear

Mage: The Occultist of Erudite ossettes.

Mage Set: Erudite Occultist's Vestments

Paladins: The Luminous Chevalier’s Gallantry, complete with lightweight stones.

Paladin Set: Luminous Chevalier's Gallantry

Priest – Emyrean of Haraments.

Priest Set: Habiliments of the Empyrean

Shaman: Theurgic Starspeaker’s Regalia.

Shaman Set: Theurgic Starspeaker's Regalia

Sheith (Monk / Rogue / Arrior)

Grand Upwelling: The Grand Upwelling of Garb.

Monk Set: The Grand Upwelling of Garb

A ghost and a fox are looking.

Rogue Set: Soulblade Shadowhide

Warrior Set: The Infinite Infantry of Armaments.

Warrior Set: The Infinite Infantry of Armaments

Great Vault

You can also get set pieces directly from the Great Vault after all your work in Season 3 – like defeating raiders, completing Mythic Keystone Dungeons or earning honors in Adrian-rated combat. A set item in the right category can be found in each of your completed activities when you open your Grand Vault the following week.

Creation Catalyst

This is the first step that can be made to the Creation Catalyst for each set of the same item level to have the appropriate slot become the old pieces. To unlock the creator catalyst, you must complete chapter 4 of The Eternity End Campaign (Forging a New Path). The catalytic charges can change the amount of items you want to add – as much as you want to pay. Catalyst charges accumulate slowly at first and then accelerate as soon as season 3 begins. Eventually you will be able to turn several items into set pieces, and so can you get sets of bonuses, and finally allow alternate characters to catch up later in the season.

In addition to any set items, the catalyst will use any upgrade path, if necessary, and can be rolled into pieces by random rpm. If you’ve got a chest piece to use, get a chest piece from Mythic Keystone Dungeon, then you’ll still need to spend the Valor Points to upgrade the item level. Please remember that secondary stats, such as Versatility or Mastery are defined by the specific set and will change into the set pieces default.

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I’m ready for success.

We hope you have a look at the new class sets coming up next week in Season 3 and Shadowlands!

Sources: Blizzard.

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