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Shadowlands Season 3 in the WoWs Great Vault loot for Blizzard to lower requirements

The Shadowlands expansion of season 3 of the Great Vault will be reduced to the World of Warcrafts from earning money to The Need. The winning loot earned on March 1, 3 and 3 of The Shadowlands goes live.

Next season, the Great Vault Partnership requirements will be reduced to three times the next year.

World of Warcraft (@Warcraft) May 25, 2022.

In the next season players will only lose two bosses instead of three to earn a piece of the loot of the Sepulcher in the First Nations. The Great Vault from the loot of To Win Three Pieces, players will only have eight bosses last week. Players had to beat nine first-hand, then two major patches.

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The First Twos raid of the Sepulcher will be better suited for the new Thresholds, especially for groups that are trying to move from one to the next, said Blizzard on the WoW forum today.

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In addition to raid-related loot, items from Mythic + and PvP content are easier to earn. To earn three pieces of mythic + loot in your vault in the new season, you’ll only have eight complete mythic + dungeons in one week. To earn three items in the vault, players must complete 10 dungeons through Shadowlands.

Paying players will notice that the rated matches for the Honor Rate are reduced. By the way, as long as you can earn three PvP pieces from the Great Vault, players will only be forced to earn 5,000 Honor instead of the actual six250.

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“Wow: The Shadowlands Patch 9.2,” Eternitys End, “launched earlier this week. Shadowlands season 3, which includes a new raid and the first one of the Sepulcher, and the PvP and Mythic + content for the reset-to-game leaderboards, will go live on March 1st.

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