Shikenso Analytics with ReKTGlobal entered a data partnership

Esports infrastructure companyReKTGlobal announced a partnership with data analytics companyShikenso Analytics.

The analysis company monitors the performance of ReKT Globals active activities and partnerships.

Image credit: ReKTGlobal, Shikenso Analytics.

According to a report, Shikenso Analytics for technology-based sponsorship measuring solutions will help brands enter the sports industry.

The London Will Ravens franchise for sponsorship placements of detailed data analysis.

At ReKTGlobal, Brad Sive said about the deal: With Shikenso, we’ve found a partner who monitors all our partnerships and can understand all levels of sponsorship data.

Shikenso will let ReKTGlobal maximize sponsorship placements with our partners, and provide 3rd party data to showcase the effectiveness and effectiveness of our brand partnerships. Shikenso also helps our partners out with accountability, while ensuring that our partnership dollars work as hard as possible.

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The partnership marks Rekt Global in 2022. The agreement also follows a report into an investigation into a company’s decision to reorganize a publicly traded company with Bull Horn Holdings Corp.

Arwin Fallah Shirazi, CEO of Shikenso Analytics, added: The ReKTGlobals strategy is very unique and benefits, with its organisation of success. Our companies share the same ideas about how partnerships should be approached and managed. This emphasizes the importance of our solutions to them. These enables us to see how hard it is for ReKTGlobal.

Esports Insider says: ReKTGlobal is the latest of a long list of partners to partner with Shikenso Analytics, which has helped tour organizers and esports organizations to optimize partnerships. Rogue and the London Royal Ravens will soon be open to new deals through forces to join the new company.

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