Shindo Life Sengoku & Jejunes New Village Update Patch Notes

Roblox Shindo Life has released a new update on January 23rd, 2022 that brings a revamped Tensa Senoku and the new Jejunes village to the game. This is a big increase to the Sengoku bloodline, and there’s a boss you can fight in the new village. Jejunes is the new area that has been added near the Dunes. You will find a variety of different content in this area. There’s a whole lot more that has been added in this update, including foods that will buff your stats. You will find it all in the patch notes below.

A couple of new codes have been released for the update, which you can find on our Shindo Life Codes page!

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Sengoku & Jejunes New Village Patch Notes

Here’s the official list of changes and things that were updated in the game from the Trello:

  • Fixed Auto-dodge/Breakaway affect Shindo Storm
  • Use new property for Shindo to upgrade Xbox
  • Xbox navigation system fix
  • The new Kagoku boss sometimes does not spawn after skipping the cutscene
  • Kagoku plat q spec fix
  • Forged Sengoku 3rd move
  • Kagoku/Forged Domain fix
  • Spirit command fix
  • z mode cloak glitch
  • Kerada 3rd fix
  • Shiro C Spec fix
  • Emerald 1st double chi fix
  • Renshiki 2nd move takes double chi.
  • change bubble chat on each server to roblox new bubble chat
  • Super Soldier – 15% hp 15% chi 25% stm
  • Rice Cake – 16% HP 12% Chi 10%stm
  • Hero Water – 13% HP 18% Chi 40% stm
  • Plate of Curry – 10% HP 20% Chi 30% stm
  • Ice shurikens and Bat Shuriken fix
  • Sengoku Stage 3
  • Sengoku s1-2 New Cloak
  • Sengoku meteor re-work/ new effects for moves
  • New village Jejunes
  • Sengoku boss fight
  • Fire Bending Martial Arts
  • Borumaki boss drop
  • Jokei Martial Arts
  • Satori inf flight
  • Removed event / relocate to main missions
  • Fix light jokei boss
  • Sengoku inferno
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Watch a lot of these changes in action by checking out the following video:

Those are all the details you will want to know on the Shindo Life Sengoku update. You can also find a bunch of information on the game in the Shindo Life section of our website!

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