Shindo Life Tengoku 2.0, Tailed Spirits, & Water Bending Update

Roblox Shindo Life has been updated on February 12th, 2022 with the release of an updated Tengoku, Tailed Spirits, and Water Bending. This patch contains a ton of changes to Wind, Water, Lightning, and Fire moves which reduce and remove various handsigns. You will also find five new accessories to collect, custom cloak. and a whole lot more. You can find all of the details of this update in the patch notes below.

Some new codes have been added in the update, which you can find on our Shindo Life Codes page!

Shindo Life Tengoku 2.0 Patch Notes

Here’s the official list of changes and things that were updated in the game from the Trello:

  • Fireworks Subjutsu re-work
  • Lava 3rd move handsign reduce by 1
  • Iron Sand Mode Hands visible
  • Iron Sand 3rd move handsign reduce
  • Ice 3rd move handsigns removed (has a .5 sec handsign start up)
  • Ice 2nd move damage buff
  • Gold Dust 2nd move handsign reduce by 2 + damage buff
  • Rion Style: Inferno Armor Control frame fix + GCD 12
  • Raion Akuma 2nd move adjusted + ragdoll added
  • Web 2nd move Adjusted
  • Toshiro Q Spec adjusted
  • Kagoku C Spec adjusted
  • Sengoku / Sengoku Inferno 1st move GCD 12
  • Morbius 2nd move added to global dunk slam stun
  • Explosion sound nerf (earrape fix)
  • Particle 1st move handsign reduce by 1
  • Crystal 3rd move handsign reduced by 1
  • Crystal 2nd move hitbox fix
  • Crystal 1st move range increase, damage increase by 25k
  • Jokei 3rd move handsign removed
  • Steam 3rd move handsign 1
  • Steam 1st move handsign reduce to .5 (added to Close Range Stun GCD)
  • lava 1st move remake
  • Wind 6th move re-work
  • Wind 5th move block breal
  • Wind 4th move handsign reduce by 2
  • Wind 3rd move handsign reduce by 1, damage buff
  • Wind 2nd move damage buff, ragdoll, reduce handsign by 1
  • Wind 1st move big batty buff
  • Water 5th move chi reduce + blockbreak
  • Water 4th move damage increase, handsign reduce by 2
  • Water 3rd move reduce by 2 handsigns
  • Water 2nd move insta-cast
  • Water 1st move speed increase
  • Lightning 6th move damage buff
  • Lightning 5th move handsigns reduce by 2, damage buff
  • Lightning 4th move block break
  • Lightning 3rd move damage buff
  • Lightning 2nd move handsign reduce by 1
  • Lightning 1st move handsign reduce by 1
  • Fire 6th move damage buff, handsign reduce by 1
  • Fire 5th move 3 extra dragons added, handsign reduce by 1
  • Fire 4th off global regular stun (added to Close Range Stun GCD)
  • fire 3rd move handsign reduce by 1
  • Fire 1st move handsign reduce by 1
  • Earth 6th move handsign reduce by 1, cooldown reduce by 5
  • Earth 4th move buff + re: coded
  • Earth 5th move damage buff, handsign reduce by 1
  • Earth 2nd handsign reduce by 1
  • Earth 1st damage buff
  • ink buff + blind splash effect
  • 2 New Shindo Storm characters Minakaze, Jayramaki,
  • Menza EKG
  • 500 to prestige
  • 10 New Cloaks
  • sound fix, fixed over 700+ sound effects (loud sounds reduce and fixed)
  • Sand 3rd move become passive flight when pressing space in mode
  • Sand 2nd move recode, close range, .5 handsign, multi stun
  • Sand 1st move damage buff
  • New: Sand 3rd move sand grip
  • sand m1 upgrade
  • sand z spec upgrade
  • Sand KG upgrade
  • Tengoku New Cloak
  • Water Bending
  • Crystal 3rd move effect splash
  • Crystal 1st move recode part 2
  • Deva Sengoku black fx
  • Deva Rengoku / Sengoku 3rd move range buff
  • Deva Rengoku / Sengoku 1st move pull range buff
  • Crystal 3rd move re-work, stun removed, blockbreak added
  • Crystal 1st move re-work part 3, stun time increase, block break removed
  • Dio Senko Blade fix
  • Rykan Blade fix
  • Satori Blade damage buff + range fix
  • Gen 1 Tailed 1-9 Spirit to Boss Scrolls + drop instead
  • mobile controls saving! skeys! rkeys
  • tengoku 2nd move remaster
  • tengoku 3rd move effects remaster
  • Tengoku c spec change to e spec
  • tengoku q spec Golden Wheel Reincarnation Explosion
  • Narumaki Customizable cloak hand glitching fix
  • tengoku c spec = Localized Reincarnation Explosion
  • Tengoku Jutsu’s effects remaster
  • Doku Tengoku 2nd, Doku Scorpion 2nd, Van Helising 3rd, Satori Rengoku 3rd, Satori Gold 3rd, Kenichi’s 1st and C spec can use ww in the move and void people / yourself
  • Demon Gates Z7 allows you to duplicate skills
  • Kamaki C Spec cooldown fix + beam fix / Stage 2 q spec
  • Narumaki Boss Fight glitch (might be a big glitch with entire boss drops)
  • Azarashi 2nd, Kenichi Q spec, nuibari, sl2 nuibari the other person can ww you
  • Forged Rengoku / Sengoku 1st move cooldown fix, counts after you’re off the statue
  • 1 New Custom Cloak (Trench Cloak)
  • Satori Rengoku / Satori Gold 1st move re-work, use all beams on them after clicking them once + cooldown reduce
  • 5 New Accessories
  • Water Bending Boss Drop (Shiba Glacier)
  • Tengoku new m1s
  • Tengoku Platinum
  • implement new boss system onto gen 1 tail beast
  • Body Replacement placed on GCD2, cooldown reduced (community voted)
  • Tengoku rebalance
  • Tengoku 3rd move handsign removed (0.5) due to start up added
  • Renshiki Gold 2nd move double take chi
  • Tengoku Platinum, Sengoku Inferno, Renshiki Gold can not fly
  • trainer perks transferring to shindo storm fix
  • fixed blocking when using potions
  • Shindo storm private server
  • Gladiator private server
  • Combustion first move removed from stun gcd and place on gcd12
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See the update in action via the following video:

That’s everything you need to know about the Shindo Life Tengoku 2.0, Tailed Spirits, & Water Bending update. You can also find a bunch of information on the game in the Shindo Life section of our website!

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