Shindo Life Van Helsing & Sand Crawler Update Patch Notes

Roblox Shindo Life has released a new update on January 29th, 2022 that brings the new Sand Crawler boss and the Van Helsing Bloodline to the game. Ryo prices have been reduced for bloodlines, and you will find some brand new Hairstyles and Beards to add to your character. There’s a ton of great new stuff in this release, which you will find in the patch notes below.

Some new codes have been added in the update, which you can find on our Shindo Life Codes page!

Morbius & Sand Crawler Patch Notes

Here’s the official list of changes and things that were updated in the game from the Trello:

  • Variety mud name changed to Aidens Son Mud
  • Duel pads added to tempest
  • Duel pads added to shindai valley
  • Jejunes duel pads fixed
  • New ember duel pads fixed
  • Duel pads added to forest of embers
  • Body sub corrected
  • Bankai inferno 1st move corrected
  • narumaki 2nd move removed from global iframe cooldown
  • Shindai 3rd move reworked
  • Shindai akuma 1st move counter re-added buff
  • Sengoku 3rd move frame animations fix
  • Sengoku 2nd move range buff
  • Raion Style: Inferno Armour Control frame time reduce
  • riser 3rd move iframe nerf
  • raion 3rd move iframe nerf
  • shindai rengoku counter chi lowered
  • Kagoku mode ban
  • Satori akuma 3rd move fix
  • ryuji kenichi plat 3rd move, The Randy Orton buff
  • ryuji platinum 3rd move glitch fix
  • Akuma Hand iframes
  • Earth Wall handsign reduced
  • Shock Cloak 1st stage m1 priority (endlag removed)
  • Boxing Art Buff
  • Jeet Kune Do Art buff
  • Stm reduce for Bruce Dragon Combo
  • Pika second 2nd move double chi fix
  • Pika Senko 1st move double chi fix
  • Jejunes empty scroll fix
  • Training logs added to jejunes
  • rarity reduce for Toad Flame Spirit & Jokei Fist
  • ryo prices for bloodlines reduced
  • ryo prices subjutsu reduced on 7-8 figure prices (all boss drops prices reduced)
  • 11 New Hairstyles
  • 9 New Beards
  • Sand Crawler Boss Battle
  • Sand Crawler Sage
  • Van Helsing Bloodline
  • Robux prices reduced on Limited Bloodlines
  • Robux prices on spins reduced
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Watch a lot of these changes in action by checking out the following video:

That’s everything you need to know about the Shindo Life Morbius and Sand Crawler update. You can also find a bunch of information on the game in the Shindo Life section of our website!

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