Since the end of the war, Dungeon Siege has returned and joined the metaverse

The dormant dungeon crawler was created by Square Enix for a really strange revival.

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If you have a once-beloved but now dormant game series collecting dust, you could toss it into the metal and see what happens. That’s what Square Enix seems to do with the resurrected Dungeon Siege, which was part of the Resurrected as the Sandbox, a so-called metaverse whose name ‘dear’ is a leading decentralized gaming virtual world.

In this arrangement, there will be a new Dungeon Siege LAND (which is their own italics), owned by Square Enix, the theme of the Sandbox Estate, which has held the publisher since mid-2021. Square Enix invested in The Sandbox 2019 also. The Sandbox was owned by Animoca, so you can buy virtual real estate (Snoop Dogg and Deadmau5 are among the players who buy some digital land) and also use “VoxEdit and Game Maker tools” to monetize voxel assets and gaming experiences. In other words, it’s all right like Minecraft – Roblox and ‘The Metaverse – – NFT. It’s all the more Dungeon Siege of it.

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So, when it comes to Dungeon Siege, there will now be a series of VoxEdit and Game Maker creation tools in the voxel form of the game. And Dungeon Siege Land, if you want to go through “interactive RPG experiences,” that players can enjoy while learning about the great practices of Dungeon Siege Adventures. ”

It’s not a super surprise. Outside of the investment in The Sandbox from Square Enix, Yosuke Matsuda has the NFT and The Metaverse for Excisement. “I realize that some players who have fun and who are currently in the form of most players have voiced their reservations about these new trends, and understandably so.” – wrote a writer in January, which says that some people who play games to avoid fun.

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What we do know is that Square Enix chose Dungeon Siege as the one who deserves this complex, modern context. The last major game of the series was the Obsidian-developed Dungeon Siege III, released in 2011, just a year after Square Enix acquired it from Gas Powered Games. The Obsidian outing was more than a little average, though the reviewer liked it very much. Uwe Boll has since directed three (!) To get three. Dungeon Siege, but they are as active as the series is around.

On the other hand, Ubisoft took on Rabbids to The Sandbox earlier this month, but they are a jewel in the publisher’s crown. I’m afraid if you’re unlucky enough to crave the Dungeon Siege revival.

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