SK Gaming signs a game of Warcraft

SK Gaming has signed a list of renowned World of Warcraft raiding guilds ahead of its first class race next week. Moving forward, the guild will go by the name of SK Pieces.

Pieces is a European guild – one of the most successful teams of the modern era. Between the last three WW-wide elections, the Palace of Domination and Nyalotha raids, Pieces finished third in three consecutive occasions. The team recently won an RWF event in 2019, after the Crusade of Storms raid.

We have found our place in the puzzle.Today, we join the @SKGaming family. We are SK- Pieces. Our first big announcement for Stay Tuned Tomorrow. #RUNSKG #SKPieces & @vpbs mnbgstnt.

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SK Pieces (@PiecesGuild) March 3, 2022

With the top few finishes over the past few years, Pieces has won the prize for the top WoW team in the world, followed by the North American Team Liquid and European Counterparts Echo going into the first ones race.

The franchise is involved in World of Warcraft. Previously, SK Gaming competed in the WVV races at the beginning of the year 2000 when the game became famous. In 2008, SK Gaming claimed the Burning Crusades Sunwell Plateau raid for the world first event in the race. The Sunwell Plateau raid will be released on Burning Crusade Classic Server later this year.

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Pieces are set to take on their debut under the umbrella of SK Gaming Gamma when the Sepulcher of the First Nation begins March 8.

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