Slayers Unleashed v0.73 Endless Update Log Patch Notes

Roblox Slayers Unleashed has released the new 0.73 update on January 16th, 2022! This patch brings a big rebalancing to bosses and raids with the intent of allowing more players to be able to play them. Ramen Place has been revamped, and there’s now a Ramen Collecting mini-game to play. A new Endless Raid was added, which spawns enemies every round with their power scaling based on the wave. Every 5 waves you will fight a random boss, which if you can defeat them will have a chance to drop rare loot! There’s a variety of other additions in this update, which you can find in the patch notes below.

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Slayers Unleashed 0.73 Patch Notes

  • Rebalanced bosses, including raids (Rui, Swamp, Snow Village, etc)
    • Kokushibou and Yoriichi have been buffed and their level requirement has been increased to 800 (EXP rewards increased)
    • All the Hashira power levels have been shifted to be somewhat equal and all of them now have level requirements (BESIDES GYOMEI)
    • Gyomei’s level requirement was lowered from 1,300 to 1,200, HP was slightly lowered
    • Zenitsu and Inosuke Boss Fights have been nerfed and are now easier
    • Zenitsu level requirement lowered to 200
    • Inosuke level requirement to 300
    • Rui and Swamp Raid were made slightly easier, received no change on their level requirement
  • We want more people to play Raids so the EXP reward from them has been greatly increased
  • XP and Yen rewards for Final Selection have been greatly increased
  • Increased drop rate for Dual Wielding
  • You can now fight Yoriichi as a Hybrid/Demon and Kokushibou as a Human
  • Revamped the Ramen Place and added a Ramen Collecting mini-game!
    • Collect up to 50 boxes of ramen per game
    • Get rewarded in EXP for how many boxes you collected
    • The entry is free and you can play as long as you’d like
  • All current quests have received a big EXP buff so people will (hopefully) do more quests in the main world
  • Added more boulders near Sagiri Mountain
  • Added a Picture mode so taking screenshots will be easier
  • Added a new Endless Raid!
    • Enemies spawn every round, their power scales based on the wave
    • Every 5 waves a random boss (might be Rui, Rengoku, Muichiro, Daki and more) will be spawned, allowing you to get their drops
    • Every wave becomes harder and every wave increases the amount of EXP you get!
    • See how far you can get!
    • Find the raid using the Objectives menu located in the bottom left corner of the screen!
    • Fixed Dual Wielding drop not displaying even though you got it
  • Buffs/Changes:
    • Flame Breathing’s Unknowing Fire hitbox has been reworked, it only hits once but does as much damage as it did before if hitting all hits
    • Reduced the cast time for Akaza’s Compass Needle (about 3 times shorter)
    • Buffed travel speed for Blood’s Blood Shot, also significantly increased damage on all skills
    • Increased damage for every Arrow skill, decreased cooldowns
    • Increased damage on String’s Ensnare and Thread Shot
    • Fixed Wind Breathing Rising Hurricane not working
    • Significantly increased damage for Mist’s Eight Layered Mist and Lunar Disperse
    • Removed the infinite stun from Daki’s Obi Barrage skill (allowed for the skill to deal over 3k damage with no possible escape from it)
    • Increased Daki’s cooldowns on every skill
    • Slightly decreased Stone Breathing damage
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That’s everything we know about the 0.73 Update for Roblox Slayers Unleashed. Be sure to check out the Roblox section of our website for details on many other games on the platform.

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