Slayers Unleashed v0.74 Sickle Update Log Patch Notes

Roblox Slayers Unleashed has released the new v0.74 update on January 23rd, 2022! This release bring the new Gyutaro Boss, which drops Crimson Sickles that are required to use the Gyutaro Demon Blood Art. There’s also the Gyutaro’s Haori that can be obtained as well. You will find a variety of other changes and updates in the patch notes below!

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Slayers Unleashed v0.74 Patch Notes

  • Added 2 new items!
    • Gyutaro’s Haori: 20% damage reduction, 50% HP regen bonus
    • Crimson Sickles: 20% HP regen bonus, allows you to use Sickle BDA
  • Added Gyutaro Boss!
    • In order to fight Gyutaro and get access to his drops, enter the Daki Boss Fight
    • After Daki gets to a certain amount of health, Gyutaro will join the fight
    • In order to get drops from the Daki Boss Fight both bosses need to be defeated
  • Added Sickle/Gyutaro BDA!
    • You need the Crimson Sickles in order to use this BDA (Gyutaro Drop)
    • 3 Skills: Flying Blood Sickles, Rebound Sickles, Circular Sickles
  • Fixes/Changes
    • Fixed Zenitsu Fight (Requirement Level is now 200 instead of 300)
    • Slightly increased Ramen Minigame EXP reward
    • Nerfed Inosuke’s health
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That’s everything we know about the v0.74 Update for Roblox Slayers Unleashed. Be sure to check out the Roblox section of our website for details on many other games on the platform.

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