Sony Launched New SUV EV Car in CES 2022

Which words come to mind when you think of Sony as a brand? Sony may be known for cameras, TVs, video games, and Walkmans, but it appears that they are now introducing cars to that list. Wants Because Concept plans to debut its new electric car concept at CES 2022. Sony Vision-S02 will be unveiled at CES 2022.  

Sony is not making its first attempt at entering the automobile market with the Vision-S02. Vision-S01 was unveiled a few years back, and the company says it has already been tested on public roads. It will be a 7-seat SUV instead of a sedan. 

There will be sensors around the SUV’s body along with a LiDAR sensor and CMOS imaging sensor, which will help it track objects around it. Additionally, there is a built-in time of flight sensor to detect driver presence as the company works on launching a vehicle with driver assistance level 2+ on public roads.  

In the current state, the Vision-S02 is just a prototype, so it’s unclear whether or not it will be available for purchase. However, Sony shows that they are doing more in the automotive sector than just making cars.

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