South Korea is a really loving Pokxc3xa9mon Bread

My kids ate some Pokemon bread.

Twenty years in South Korea for the first time ever. The snack packs are shelves that fly off.

The Pokemon anime did not debut in Korea until 1999 due to the import ban on Japanese goods. The bread has been used in Korea for quite some time now and the early 2000s and so on. The article on Chosun Online reports that Pokemon Bread went back to the Korean Shop in February 2022, selling at 1 500.2% for the whole thing for a piece.

Pokemon bread is popular in Japan. Since my kids have grown up eating it, bread is so simple to say honestly, but definitely appeals to avid readers. Each piece of bread is wrapped in a Pocket Monster themed packaging and comes with collectible Pokemon stickers.

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According to Chosun Online, the first week in Pokemon bread, officially released, swam in South Korea. That’s bread! People in their 20s and 30s were children when the bread was sold in South Korea. The snack, presumably because of nostalgia, was snapped up.

In social media and YouTube, fans and influencers posting images and reviews of Pokemon bread. Others have been buying Pokemon bread snacks and streaming every sticker they’ve picked up.

All that seems to have further fueled interest. The snacks have gone out, with the diehards going to the convenience store to buy the desirable treats. Some stickers are sold individually in South Korea. They have a lot of cost. The Squirtle Sticker, for example, is expected to fetch 125,000 won ($ 12.20). That is 10 times higher than what a piece of real bread is for! To get some of the Pokemon’s bread stickers, you must eat it all.

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