Speedy Simulator codes – free boosts and gems

Gotta go fast? Then we have got the game for you. Speedy Simulator is a Roblox racer with a twist, as you try to outrun your opponents on your feet. It’s time to disregard anything you learned from the tortoise and the hare, and go for gold. So, strap on your running shoes, wipe the sweat from your blocky brow, and get ready to race.

If it’s more speed you need, then you’re in luck, as we’ve got all the Speedy Simulator codes you need to break the sound barrier. These boosts range from offering an extra spring in your step, to bonus gems, and can help you get off the starting block with style. All you need to do is make it first past the finish line.

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Speedy Simulator codes

Active codes:

  • speed780 – 600 steps & 300 gems
  • aquablue8 – aqua dragon pet gift

Expired codes:

  • lightning620
  • 110klikes
  • 120ktrails
  • 170klikes
  • 200ksonic
  • 210ktrails
  • 270ktrails
  • 40feet
  • 430trails
  • 50ktrails
  • 590orbs
  • 5ksteps
  • 90 marathon
  • aquablue7
  • big100k
  • bolt220k
  • bolt380k
  • fast190k
  • flash160
  • flash500
  • freecode
  • running10k
  • secretforest39
  • speed510
  • speed600
  • speedy230k
  • speedy260k
  • speedy360k
  • thxfor20

What are Speedy Simulator codes?

Speedy Simulator codes allow you access to a number of in-game bonuses that you’d otherwise have to purchase. This freebie system keeps the game accessible for new players, and provides some boosts to keep older players coming back. We regularly update our codes guides, so be sure to check periodically for updated information.

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How do I redeem Speedy Simulator codes?

You can easily redeem codes by following these instructions:

  • Load Speedy Simulator in Roblox
  • Click the ‘codes’ button on the right-hand side of the screen
  • Input your code
  • Receive your bonus

There you have it! Free items, please and thank you. For more fast-paced online fun, be sure to browse our picks for the best mobile multiplayer games.

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