Spoiler Filled Chrono Cross Remaster Video Looks at Miguel

Square Enix shared another look at the ChronoCross remaster, and this time the video clip focuses on a character named Miguel. However, this teaser comes with a caveat. It is filled with spoilers for ChronoCross. Which means if someone hasn’t played the RPG before, it would be wise to avoid seeing how he will look in this version of the game.

Editor’s Note: This story will include an embedded video clip involving a spoiler from the ChronoCross remastered

Spoiler Filled Chrono Cross Remaster Video Looks at Miguel

Here’s a closer look at Miguel in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreams Edition. In addition to showing a number of notable characters, it also confirms an ability has a new name. Rather than Holy Drag Swrd, it is now Holy Dragon Sword.

This isn’t the only video to show up that’s a bit of a spoiler. For example, Square Enix also offered some looks at Serge’s techs in the ChronoCross remastered People could see how both Dash & Slash and Luminaire will look. Both are the first two he will learn in-game.

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Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreams Edition remaster will come to the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC on April 7, 2022. It also includes Radical Dreamers: Le Tresor Interdit.

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