Square Enix Shares Insight into FFXIV Male Viera Names

Back in 2019, Square Enix shared the female Viera naming conventions to help people get into Final Fantasy XIV‘s lore. Now, that’s been updated. The company offered details about male Rava and Veena Viera names, so people interested in FFXIV could learn more about its world. Essentially, Veena surnames will always end in “-wesfv,” while Rava ones will begin with “Djt-” or “Rehw-.”

With the Rava male Viera names, the idea is to tie into FFXIV realms. “Djt-” corresponds to heavenly in surnames, while “Rehw-” is tied to worldly. The idea is to show people’s affinity with a world and an element. The lore also mentioned, “…The Rava consider it necessary that all twelve different surnames be present among the Woodwarders’ ranks at any given time to ensure the forest’s safety.” Some examples of names given were “Djt-Marouc (“Star” – heavenly water)” and “Rehw-Marouc (“Spring” – worldly water).”

As for the Veena male Viera in FFXIV, names will have “guardian” as a suffix. That’s to reference their role in the community in their surnames. The names will also have ice and snow-related terms in them. Two of the exact examples Square Enix provided were Monnawesfv (“Prism”) and Rawbewesfv (“Bone” – referring to hollow crystals).

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The announcement also discussed forenames. It mentioned that there isn’t really a need for traditional masculine and feminine names. Names can be gender neutral, due to not knowing a Viera’s gender at birth. They also note that all Viera, regardless of gender, have a habit of changing their names once they grow up and that they will have forest and city names.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for the PS4, PS5, and PC. Male Viera appeared when the endwalker expansion released.

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