Steam Deck Repairs, ‘says Valve

Would you mind trying an upgrade or a fix yourself? Valve strongly recommended that you don’t.

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In October 2021, Valve showed the world how to take a steam deck, a simple operation, and a stern warning: “Do not do this.” A power switch, a drop off, and a possible battery failure can burn your house. In fact, it’s your roof, and your money, which means that if you want to leave it, it’s your business.

Since the steam deck is the beginning of the shipGabe Newell himself has hand-delivered a few of themValve has retweeted that it would be nice if everybody left the inside bits alone. Pierre-Loup Griffais told Rock, Paper, Shotgun that technical work is “the most left to professionals”

“To the end of the day there is a computer you own, so I was very aware that people wanted all that data in there,” Griffais said. “But we recommend it to prospective or returning value for anything that goes wrong, if that happens.”

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Griffais acknowledged that the presentation of Steam Deck as a tiny, Linux-based PC rather than a conventional handheld console contributed to the idea that it’s a user-regulated unit and the desire to get inside and do something that early adopters tend to do. Value did all it could to make the system as user-friendly as possible, but size factors took precedence.

“In fact, there is a strong desire for people to be able to upgrade their computers,” Griffais explained. We have reached the highest standard of standardization with respect to being portable, but if we were not allowed to walk there, we would have made it so modular.

Steam Decks Will Make Slow Away While Still Expecting To Be Still Shrinking In Some Time In The Second Half Of 2022but We’ll Hopefully See That Situation Better, Or At least Explain Soon. Valve recently said that the Steam Deck production will be “in the years of April”.

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