Stonecutter Minecraft Recipe | How To Make Stone Cutter In Minecraft

Do you know how to make a stonecutter in Minecraft? If not, this guide explains how to make it along with screenshots. For those unfamiliar, StoneCutter is an important item you can find in a village in Mason’s house in Minecraft.

Stonecutter is an important element in Minecraft, you need to create multiple stone objects as an alternative to use the crafting table. Before explaining how to make a stone cutter in Minecraft, let’s look at the materials you need when designing it.

Ingredients needed to make a stone cutter

Before you start creating stonecuts in Minecraft, make sure you have the following items in your inventory.

How To Design A Stone Cutter In Survival Mode

Open the Crafting menu

First of all, you need to open your crafting table so that you have a 3 × 3 crafting grid. Here’s how it works.

Stonecutter Minecraft Recipe

2. Add items

In the crafting menu, you will see a crafting area designed with a 3 × 3 crafting grid. To make a stone cutter, place 1 iron rod and 3 stones on a 3 × 3 crafting grid.

When designing a stone cutter, be sure to place both the iron rod and the stone in the same pattern as shown in the picture below.

Stonecutter Minecraft Recipe

In the first row, you need to put 1 iron rod in the second box. In the second row, make sure there are 3 stones.

As you fill in the crafting area in the correct way, the stonecutter will be shown in the box at the bottom of the crafting grid.

Move the stone cutter to the inventory

Once you are done creating the stonecutter in Minecraft, you need to move the new item to your inventory.

Stonecutter Minecraft Recipe

Congratulations, you have successfully designed StoneCutter in Minecraft!

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