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Stranger of Paradise: Achievement & Trophy List


With the release of Stranger of Paradise right around the corner, here’s the hot topic every gamer loves: trophies and achievements. Below you’ll find the List of Stranger Paradise Achievements and Trophies.

All Stranger of Paradise Achievements and Trophies

Paradise of Stranger has a total of 46 achievements and trophies. Out of the 46 achievements and trophies, 36 are secret / hidden, so you will find that the list of avoidable spoilers for anyone who doesn’t want them.

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Rather than being an option co-op in Stranger of Paradise, none of the trophies and achievements required to do anything online or with other players. The whole list can be done with the solo AI, though it can help you find a friend when getting more grind-heavy trophies and achievements.

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The trophy breakdown is one Platinum trophy, three Gold trophies, seven Silver trophies, and 35 Bronze trophies.

Achievement / Trophy Name Achievement / Trophy Description Gamerscore Value / Trophy Rarity
A Tale of Origins and Endings Acquired all trophies 90 / Platinum
Hopes and Dreams Completed “Illusion at Journey’s End” 10 / Bronze
Memories of the Distant Past Completed a side mission 70 / Gold
Strangers’ Memories Completed every side mission 10 / Bronze
The Soul of Manifestation The first time for a used soul burst 10 / Bronze
Imbued Memories The first time to use a weapon 10 / Bronze
True Potential Fully upgraded the special effect of a piece of equipment 50 / Silver
Polymath Unlocked every single job for affinity bonus 50 / Silver
Savant A single job for each job tree in the Unlocked panel 50 / Silver
Jack-of-all-trades Unlocked all jobs 50 / Silver

With the Stranger’s Memories trophy and achievement wanting you to complete every side mission you can use our guide to find out what every side mission you need.

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As far as the jack-of-all-trades trophy and achievement goes, you are looking at nearly 25 jobs with the top three to start with, so be prepared for a small grind.

Below, you will find the secret / hidden achievements and trophies of the list. Here are some great spoilers for you to discover. A good majority are story-related, and not that much to unlock ahead of time.

Achievement / Trophy Name Achievement / Trophy Description Gamerscore Value / Trophy Rarity
The Pirate’s Way Completed “The Journey Begins” 10 / Bronze
The King of the Dark Elves Completed “Audience with the Dark Elf” 10 / Bronze
Distortion’s Progeny Completed “Natural Distortion” 10 / Bronze
A Landscape of Memory Completed “A Familiar Place” 10 / Bronze
The Wind’s Light Completed “Memories of Wind” 10 / Bronze
The Vague Remembrances Completed “Memories of Poison” 10 / Bronze
The Fire’s Light Completed “Memories of Fire” 10 / Bronze
Phantom Memories Completed “Phantoms of the Past” 10 / Bronze
The Earth’s Light Completed “Memories of Earth” 10 / Bronze
Shared Recollections Completed “To Remember” 10 / Bronze
The Water’s Light Completed “Memories of Water” 10 / Bronze
Malice Takes Root Completed “Schemes of the Past” 10 / Bronze
Duty’s Course Completed “Remembering Home” 10 / Bronze
Led by the Nose Completed “The Suffering of Fools” 10 / Bronze
The Fate of Terminus Completed “A Fraught Journey” 50 / Silver
Original True Chaos CHAOS Trouble on Completed the Game 50 / Silver
Darkness of the Cycle CHAOS difficulty on a level 200 mission or higher 70 / Gold
No Escape Defeated a cactuar 10 / Bronze
Lantern Smasher Defeated a tonberry 10 / Bronze
Seeker of Power Acquired an anima shard 10 / Bronze
Seeker of Ultimate Power Acquired an anima crystal 10 / Bronze
Artifact Collector Acquired an artifact 10 / Bronze
Crest Bearer Used a job crest at smithy 10 / Bronze
Master’s Awakening Used a master point 10 / Bronze
Job Master Achieved MASTER ★★★★ rank for a job 70 / Gold
Dark Crystal, Warrior’s Heart Unlocked an advanced job 10 / Bronze
The Dark Knight of the Path Unlocked the dark knight 10 / Bronze
Paladin of the Path Unlocked the Paladin 10 / Bronze
Ninja of the Path Unlocked the ninja 10 / Bronze
The Assassin of the Path Unlocked the assassin 10 / Bronze
The Liberator of the Path Unlocked the liberator 10 / Bronze
The Breaker of the Path Unlocked the breaker 10 / Bronze
The Void Knight of the Path Unlocked the void knight 10 / Bronze
The Tyrant of the Path Unlocked the tyrant 10 / Bronze
The Sage of the Path Unlocked the Sage 10 / Bronze
His name is Garland Unlocked the cyclic warrior 50 / Silver

There you have it, strangers, Strangers of Paradise for all its trophies and achievements You’ll need 100% of your choice of console on the game.

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