Stranger of Paradise: Can You Increase Max Potion Limit? Answered


In The Stranger of Paradise, you are given a standard number of potions in a dungeon similar to How to Play the Dark Souls game. While they are replenished at Cubes checkpoints, the five potions you can still afford are limited, especially as you get later in the game and trouble mounts. We’re here to help The answer is how you can increase the maximum potion limit in Stranger of Paradise.

Stranger of Paradise in Can You Increase Max Potion Limit

The simple answer is no, the default default amount of potions Paradise of Stranger is five. This is the stock you will always have after dying and respawning.

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However, while you can increase the limit of five potions, additional potions can be found from defeated enemies or chests. With these, the temporary new limit can be increased to nine potions. From there, your stock will once again dwindle back down to five.

Pick-up for any potions found. But this is a free refresher for the new 9th potion and pick-up for the player.

Paradise Max Potion Limit White Mage Job Of Stranger

There are, of course, other ways to heal yourself and your allies. The Marauder job has a command in its tree called Blood Weapon that “Temporarily restores HP based on damage dealt.” There is also the option of unlocking the White Mage job that can be found along with the cast Cura. Potions are your only option for healing, they are just the easiest to access and available at any point regardless of your journey.

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There you have it, everything you need to know Stranger of Paradise in the Maximum Potion Limit. Be sure to stick around and we will have more guides on the way.

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