Stranger of Paradise: How to Unlock Chaos Difficulty & What’s Different


Stranger of Paradise has finally arrived, offering up a Final Fantasy spin-off that reimagines the series in a very first game from a time loop mechanic. It’s far more linear than the likes of Final Fantasy XV, but that doesn’t mean it’s a replayable experience. In this guide, we’ll run you through everything you need to know Stranger of Paradise Chaos in trouble mode.

Beating the Game by Unlocking Chaos Difficulty

To unlock Chaos, you need to beat Stranger of Paradise on any other difficulty setting. After doing so, you’ll receive a pop-up on the screen, detailing that you’ve unlocked the mode and what the changes are, as shown below.

Paradise’s Chaos Difficulty in What Changes

The main change is the Chaos problem that you can spend anima crystals to raise the level of each mission.

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In doing so, you’ll have a chance of earning rare and more powerful equipment, and items to raise job-level caps.

Of course, this is the highest difficulty setting in Strange of Paradise, and you can expect a more challenging experience. Enemies will deal more damage and inflict more upon you, so be prepared and put your skills to the test.

There are two trophies / achievements that are unlocked by playing the game on its Chaos difficulty. These are:

  • Original True Chaos – CHAOS Trouble on Completed the Game.
  • Darkness of the Cycle – CHAOS difficulty on a level 200 mission or higher.

That’s all you need to know Paradise’s Chaos of Stranger. For more tips, tricks and guides, be sure to search Twinfinite or see our coverage below.

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