Stranger of Paradise: How to Upgrade Gear Special Effects


While there you will find a great weapon or piece or armor that you really want to let go of. Don’t worry, we’ll help you hang on to it a little longer and even make it more useful in this guide How to upgrade gear special effects Stranger of Paradise.

How to Upgrade Gear Special Effects in Stranger of Paradise

After you dismantle your unwanted gear, you are no doubt left with quite a bit of materials. These materials can be turned around and used to enhance your best gear. Note that this may mean that you can hold onto the gear too far outside of its usefulness, which helps to enhance the great gear you are currently equipped with. It might even help you get stuck on a hurdle.

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How To Upgrade Gear Special Effects In Stranger Of Paradise

  1. From the map screen, open the main menu.
  2. Tab over to the right and select Smithy.
    Stranger of Paradise Smithy Menu
  3. Hit the first choice of “Upgrade Special Effect”.
    Paradise Smithy Upgrade Special Effect of Stranger
  4. You’ll have your inventory screen, it’s defaults to weapons, but you can hit R1 / RB to get equipment.
  5. Select the item you want to improve, you will see this screen.
    Paradise Upgrade Special Effect Screen of Stranger
  6. Using the Materials You See in the Materials Required window, the white text can be upgraded to a total of three times.
  7. The materials needed vary by type of gear and rarity. This is why it is useful to dismantle everything you need, regardless of the rarity.
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That’s it, folks. That’s all you need to know how to upgrade gear in special effects Paradise of Stranger. Be sure to keep checking back as we continue adding Stranger of Paradise guides!

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