Survive the killer codes – swords, chains and coins

January 12, 2022: We’ve checked for new Survive the Killer codes

Survive the Killer puts you in the shoes of those classic 80s villains, tracking and hunting your bait. It allows you to create your own killer that can reach the infamous peaks of giants like Michael Myers and Freddie Krueger.

However, what is there for all these notorious assassins? A signature weapon, of course! Jason Vorheis has his scythe, his chainsaw on the leather face and Kruger has his sword-glove. So, what weapon do you use? Fortunately, we are here to bathe you Survive the killer codes It offers weapons, experience points and coins that allow you to become the ultimate killer.

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Here are the latest Survive the Killer codes

Active codes:

  • Happy New Year – 2022 New Year Slicer

Expired codes:

  • Halloween
  • 800M
  • Jumpbug
  • 700M
  • Pride
  • Cupid 2021
  • Lucky 2021
  • Lucky 2020
  • 5 million
  • 10M
  • Friday 13
  • Cupid
  • Spooky 2020
  • Spoon
  • Happy Holidays
  • With a saw blade
  • Full moon
  • Cheese
  • WhatsTheCode
  • Datsalat of Visits
  • Devious
  • Killer craze
  • Chucky
  • Mashed potato
  • Crateszone
  • Test
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Jason Vorheis hunting down the victims with the title in the corner

What are the Survive the Killer codes?

Survive the killer codes give you weapons and cash in the game to create your killer.

How do I redeem Survive Killer codes?

If you need a little help redeeming your codes, see our step-by-step instructions below to get your freebies.

  • Open Survive the Killer
  • Click the Twitter logo
  • Type or paste your code
  • Click Redeem
  • Get your goodies!

That’s all we have in Survive the Killer codes! If you need anything else to play, you should check out our guide on the best Roblox games for iOS and Android.

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