Take a look at 35mm on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch

Some people were in the house, leaving the scene after the building up, for example. Others enter our games slowly and slowly, offering the most atmospheric and immersive experiences of all time. Noskov Sergey is in the latter camp. Today, the 35-MM launch of some of the most atmospheric gaming titles of the year behind the dev, returns.

35 mm is now available on Xbox One, Xbox One X | S, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. It is priced at 8.39 and comes from the same person who created the Seventh Sector and the rays of light.

This game comes to console as a remastered version of the original PC game. This means that we console players will have access to updated visuals and a photo mode that is exclusive to the launch.

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If you take 50 million, then you will find yourself in some post-apocalyptic tale focusing on a few missing travelers. The pandemic is killed, and the vast majority of the population is remanded from life. It’s your job to help them adapt to their needs and survive.

As we travel through postapokalyptic Russia, the adventure will be overthrown with items and secrets unveiled. Quest lines are waiting, but in order to succeed, your actions take you one step further.

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We suggest you head to the most popular digital store, Xbox, as the Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S and pick up the download you need. You’ll find 35MM on PlayStation and Switch, and PCs also.

Our full review of the 35MM game by the Xbox is here.

Game Description:

A postapoapolyptic story about two travelers on an extended trip to the wasteland, a pandemic after people abandoned. The disaster killed a lot of the world’s population, the infrastructure went wrong and the common life remained. The times when the human has adapted to the environment and so on must survive and adapt. You must play the nature of characters who go through deserted cities in Russia, fields and forests of a vast country and even underground facility. We will see how that happens and why we don’t have the opportunity to talk about it. This adventure story will explain a lot of interesting sites and secrets of post-apokalyptic Russia. In the journey for time, you can collect items, food, batteries and weapons, solve quests and follow the plot, which is more or less the main story of your life.

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