Team Liquid is hosting the WWI World Cup live in Boston, MA!

Team Liquid, the North American’s top WoW team, will be covering the entire race to the World First event, with all of the teams’ bossing efforts in place. race.

Liquid acquired the limit of the roster, a WoW guild that competed under the banner of Complexity Gaming earlier this year. The team completed the most recent Race to the World first event in July last year, and will make their debut with Team Liquid next week after dropping the label’s Limit. In 2020, the team won two World First races, the final race for the WoW Battle Azeroth expansion and the first of the game’s latest expansion, Shadowlands.

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Team Liquid presents a book entitled Race to the World First: Solution of the WorldfirstScelearcesPrisode for daily coverage, content, announcements, and moreMarch 8th 6.00 ESTFollow:

Liquid Guild (@LiquidGuild) March 1st 2022 See World of Warcraft on Amazon.

We have much more resources than we have in the past, and we have spent most of our time planning and putting in each other’s efforts to find out what they have been up to, Dot Esports. I think you’ll find some good stuff from us.

Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

A broadcast team of 11 players will run across the WW scene at the Helix Esports Gaming Center in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

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Liquid will host its race on the world’s first event to its Twitch channel. Each team boss attempts to broadcast live. In the north-east and western US, the state of the race is being covered, as it unfolds, and is expected to bear the brunt of this country. The broadcast would be a day talk show every day action, as well as a nightly wrap-up show after the boss tried to finish.

Liquids coverage will begin on March 8th, 2009 at 8:01 o’clock.

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