Team Liquid signs WoW streamers Naguura and Eiya as content creators

Team Liquid Signed The World of Warcraft streamers Gillian Eiya Long and Caroline Naguura Forer, adding two of the most prominent female faces to the MMO division.

Liquid acquired the top WoW guild limit roster earlier this year when the team joined Complexity Gaming. Liquid said that it had made the MMO ecosystem a land rich with diversity, equity, belonging and inclusion.

Naguura and Eiya, the two most famous streamers of the WoW scene, will join Liquid under its content division. They are famous for their work as official broadcasters on WoW events, such as the Mythic Dungeon International and the Arena World Championship.

I’m so excited to have them on board, said Dot Esports manager Azorea. When we decide to join Team Liquid at the beginning of the year, one of the biggest selling points for me is the DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) initiatives and the way they communicate and take action. I think it’s very important to me, because I think it’s important that we use the opportunities and platforms we have to address social issues.

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Liquid hopes to make several more major MMO games in the future, including Final Fantasy XIV and The Untitled MMO, and are currently developing Riot Games. The organization’s vision is to make diversity and inclusion a priority among the MMO genre.

The first thing I like about Liquid is that they come into the WoW space and they immediately try to promote women in Warcraft, women in MMOs, women in esports. They try to promote it and support that cause, and that is just awesome, and to see that they can make a lot of things happen when hiring many women and promoting women as competitive situations as well.

Naguura and Eiya are the top 5 ranked names in the modern competitive world, with the latter even competing in World First competitions. Naguura, one of the few women in the field who posed for a high-level role in the pro-wow role in 2015, was the only one who posed for a professional degree in a high degree of skill. Although he did not compete in professional WAW competitions, Eiya is still a respected voice in both games PvP and PvE communities. She hosted the latest edition of The Burning Crusade Classic Arena Tournament last night.

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Asian is deeply integrated into the community and she’s deeply involved in the production side of things, so I want to work with her to develop a mentorship of women who want different roles: camera, esports, etc. Azorea said Liquids new signee.

World of Warcraft, the current major title of the MMO, became an icon in the debate in 2021 when several high-ranking members of Blizzard Entertainment, the developer and publisher, were accused of sexual harassment and leading a lawsuit against the company.

Since the Blizzard case, the WoW team has made a conscious effort to add to the 2021 collection of items, quests and art pieces that may have been deemed explicit or suggestive in a way. A total of a thousand WP-nPCs were named after former employees identified as offenders were either named or removed.

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In addition to these signings, Liquid plans to create a consensus committee of women playing MMOs at a later stage of the future. High-ranking women from the MMO division such as Naguura, Eiya, and Azorea lead the way in radical changes and inclusion.

The Liquids WoW team is participating in the First Ones of the Sepulcher Race, which is expected to continue until next week.

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