Team Singularity and Mad Lions are among the following partnerships with the Elite Stage 2 for all-UK roster qualifications including the Toronto Ultra CoD Challengers teams.

The Danish esports team Singularity, who have a team in the UK / Nordics League of Legends, are fielding the Toronto Ultra Call of Duty Challengers.

These teams took on a strong start and qualified for the Stage Two Challengers in their region.

S2 for ULTRA Academy EU qualifies. ULTRA Academy is NA qualified for S2 *. GGWP. Good day .. # NGARMY | .RengthI-North |. @TorontoUltra.

Team Singularity (@ SNG’s) February 26, 2022.

The announcement comes following a joint venture with OverActive Media, the parent company of the LEC team of Mad Lions. The partnership brings together two teams from the Twenty22 season, the Toronto Ultra Academy and the Tulsa Ultra Academy EU, with the latter announcing the best of the four-star teams.

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Both teams competed in their last tournament scheduled for the 22nd of February.

The team’s rosters are:

The American Academy of Arts (ITS) is Toronto’s largest academy.

  • Charlie Hicksy Hicks (England)
  • Thomas Scrappy Ernst (USA)
  • Mohak MohaK Kumar (Canada)
  • Javier Vikul Milagro Caro (Spanien)
  • Coach TBC

The City of Leeds is one of the largest colleges in the United States.

  • Stephen Vortex, Rae Allan, England.
  • Liam Furiious Osborne (Scotland)
  • Ben Beans McMellon (England)
  • Harry Harry Payne (England, contracted with London Royal Ravens) (London – London, USA)
  • Sheppard, Coach: Joshua-Lee Josh.

OverActive Media is committed to winning and growing big players by success. Our partnership with Team Singularity allows us to continue working with competing teams, ”said Adam Adamou, chief media officer.

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As a family organization of Canada and Europe, supporting Call of Dutys as an advanced development strategy is a key step for both the market and our challengers.

Team Singularity is the center of talent research and development, making our path2pro ecosystem with the esports stars of tomorrow, added Atle Stehouwer, chief revenue officer and founder of Team Singularity.

Our partnership with OverActive Media and working directly with one of the best call-of-duty teams operates on our platform, which makes it easy for us to improve our call of duty challenger.

Atle Stehouwer, Team Singularity, Team.

We are very pleased with Toronto’s GC and the two groups that have accepted the GCGC team, Tobias CleanX Jonsson and Jamie Insight Craven.

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Call of Duty Challengers are the official route for all types of esports players around the world. Call the Duty Association and Challengers website for more information.

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