Tencent acquires 1C Entertainment

Tencent Acquired Company’s Parent Company, 1C.

Tencent agreed in late November 2021 that it would acquire all of its shares in 1C Entertainment, which owns a majority stake and all its subsidiaries.

1C Entertainment and all its subsidiaries that include the logo of 1C will be changed within six months. The brand will redesign the details later.

The company’s subsidiary is the development team Cenega, the digital game distribution service Muve, the developer QLOC, and the developer and developer 1C Online Games.

This deal has really impressed us, said Tomasz Nieszporski, executive director of 1C Entertainment. The best opportunity for 1C Entertainment to succeed in video games. Our vision and passion is to be a leading global games company, and I am humbled to have the unique opportunity to work with Tencent and other prominent creative minds in its global ecosystem.

Tencent Games senior technology officer Li Shen said, “We were pleased to have a talented team at work with 1C Entertainment to support them and embark on a new phase of growth.”

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