Terrible Fortnight Horror Map Codes – For Nobbs & Pros

Today we present to you another Fortnight article, but this time we are talking about Scarist Fortnight Maps so be ready to catch up with a friend and flashlight! So this article is not for fools!

With our details Terrible Fortnight Horror Map Codes Guide, you will be intimidated throughout the entire game. Whether you want to play alone or with friends, we warn you to be prepared for some jump scares and the most terrifying moments!

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Fortnight Horror map codes

Here are all the codes for the Spookiest Maps currently available on Fortnight. New maps and modes are gaining popularity every day, so bookmark this page to stay up to date with new course codes when they are added to our ‘terrible’ list.

  • Emily wants to play – 3959-2728-0956
  • Scare! Part 13 II – 9651-4257-2527
  • Metro zombie invasion – 1511-0189-1102
  • Options – 4147-1805-2195
  • Backrooms – 4284-8758-1462
  • Elevator – 3964-7837-2736
  • Subject – 4363-4530-4888
  • One Last Sacrifice – Part 1 – 2898-6711-4466
  • Ja The Nightmare 2 – 9342-7586-1491
  • Guardian of the puzzle – 6571-8518-6063

What to expect on every Fortnight Horror Map

1. Emily wants to play

This most creepy map can be one of the scariest experiences of your life. We understand. It was based on the game of the same name and it has been terrifying us for days. It’s kind of scary not to go to the bathroom alone with the lights on at night. You have been warned! The precinct of the map is exploring this abandoned, old house when you lock the door as you enter. So, good luck finding a way .. alive.

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2. Scare! Part 13 II

When a map is created by a single JXDVN you know it’s going to be related to Cripopolis. This map is the second part to another score! The map he made in the past and all those looking for a terrible time are worth checking out.

3. Metro Zombie Invasion

A map that keeps you perfectly on the edge of your seat, as zombies try to feast on your brain. If any of you are into Apocalypse, Zombie Survival-type games, you’re ready for a real treat, because this map is perfect for people who adore such things. You can play with a squad of up to four, which is very relieving, but you have to fix the four generators together, and then destroy the zombie spanner to complete the map.

4. Options

As in SAW movies, you have to make very difficult choices to tolerate this map. It’s mentally distorted and morally corrupt and makes you turn on your friends and yourself, so this is the perfect map to play at a party or with some friends. Of course, you must play it with another person, because those are the rules of the mapmaker. But hey, we’re sure your friendship will survive. Right?

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5. Backrooms

Just writing this article gives us two weeks of nightmares but at number 5 we have backrooms. This map is just pure psychological torture. It’s going to leave you in a maze of walls, but you’re trying to leave your integrity intact. So just be prepared to panic when you try to get out of the maze and go safely.

6. Elevator

So, this map is a little different. It slowly tries to create an atmosphere of horror, without immediately going to level 100. This is undoubtedly worse because as the map progresses you will get more scared. Not only will you be trying to complete the map at the end, you will probably panic. So have fun!

7. Subject

Created by the same person who created the ‘The Elevator’ map, this map is just an amazing torture technique. Players are pursued by a supernatural being or ‘object’ who best tries to kill you or bring you down. Can you make it to the end without completely losing your mind? We doubt it. Is it fun on the way though? Absolutely.

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8. A Last Sacrifice – Part 1

Like the storyline of a classic horror movie, this map allows you to spend the night in a newly inherited ranch, in a new environment, where everything hurts you when you try to spend the night and go to dawn. We doubt you can sleep!

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9. Ja the Nightmare 2

Want to crack a secret murder? By following some sa-esque quests? We will do the work you are doing on this map. Also, all of this is basically happening in a terrible and dark subway tunnel, very great weather, isn’t it?

10. Guardian of the puzzle

Filled with jump-scores, this featured map will make you lose your mind. The task of fixing the robot in a big factory is up to the players, but does the robot seem to be chasing? This map full of puzzles and fears will make you shiver like leaves!

How to Redeem Zone Wars Map Codes in Fortnight:

If you do not know how to load Fortnight Creative Maps or Islands, this is easy. Mode is launched in the seventh season of Fortnight and allows players to create some amazing elements with the assets in the game.

  1. Open Fortnite
  2. Select Fortnite Creative Mode
  3. Walk up one of the featured forks in front of you and press the hotkey to set the island code
  4. Enter one of the 12-digit codes from the list above
  5. Enjoy all the new zones!

That’s it, everyone! Everything you need to know about the terrible Fortnight map codes. Also, if you have some extra time to kill and want some amazing gaming recommendations, check out our best gacha games 2022 or see the list of Roblox promo codes for amazing Roblox freebies.

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