The AMD EPYC Milan-X CPU Pre-Orders start at a low of $ 4,300

AMD’s ESP-YYC Milan-X processors are finally ready for preorder. Bottom Line Telecommunications (via momomo_us) has the entire Milan-X product stack on its online store, with prices ranging from $ 4,290.23 to $ 9,609.36.

Milan-X is the first product of the AMD data center to leverage 3D V-Cache technology, so the core-heavy chips can recover up to 768MB of L3 cache. So we’re looking for 3X that you’d find in a vanilla iPhone app called the EPYC Milan 7003. We’ve seen the test and the independent benchmarks of Microsoft on this site, however, all workloads don’t benefit from -D V-Cache. AMD claims that the Milan-X brings a 50% performance boost, but only in focus-driven workloads, so that fewer workloads for it are less cache-sensitive.

AMD was pretty vague about Milan-X specifications. The chipmaker explained the latest technologies behind the massive L3 cache, but only the shared data core chips for the core counts. From what we’ve seen so far, the 7V73X has a more robust boost mechanism and a heavier L3 cache than the early-evaluation, Milan-X might come with higher clock speeds.

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AMD’s Milan-X pricing will vary greatly.

/ ThreadsBase Clock (GHz) Boost Clock (GHz) TDP (W) L3 Cache + 3D V-Cache (MB) POSSIBIRE 7773X $ 9,609.3664 / 1282.23.5280768400-000000504EPYC 7573X $ 6,107.2832 / 642.83.62807684007000 4707804707804707804707804707804707804707804707804

* Specifications cannot be confirmed.

The EPYC 7773X, the manufacturer of Milan-X, seems to sell for nine thousand dollars. In comparison, the same store sells the 7863 regular for $ 8 616.01, so the Milan-X model has an 11.5% discount. Nevertheless, the price is good, and the fact is that a previous B2B retailer owned the EPYC 7773X for $ 10,746.99.

In terms of the 32-core SKUs, the EPYC 7573X comes for $ 6,107,88, while the EPYC 7543 is $ 4,139,74. That’s the most significant price difference in years, with an increase of 47.5%.

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The rest of the 371 or 373X have four 290.23 dollars and five 137.38 dollars price tag. Even though a high-tech chip can take a while, it doesn’t seem to me that a 24-core chip would cost more than a 16-core chip, especially in the data center segment. The EPYC 7443 and the EPYC 7343 are available for $ 2,231,30 and $ 1,738,74, respectively, so Milan-X counterparts are up 92.3%, and 195.5% more expensive.

Milan-X officially hits the market for the second quarter of the year. That is why more retailers should stock them (or at least preorder them). If you don’t want to make a very large investment, you can also contract Microsoft’s Azure HBv3 Series VMs, which avidly utilize Milan-X processors.

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