The Beast of the Zoo: How to Get the Claw

The Beast Claw is the most powerful Incident which players find in the Elden Ring. You may need some patience.

In the Elden Ring players are just a few items to play together. During their day at the library, they’ll find a few new items, weapons, and spells.

Some will be stronger than others. An animal crab is one of those items. It’s a myth that those with high faith can learn and use their foes.

Here’s how to get that.


Beast Claw Location: Beast Claw: Beast Claw.

The Beast Claw can be obtained, if the players deliver a sufficient deathroot to Gurranq, the Beast Clergyman in the Bestial Sanctum.

It’s much easier said than done. So, thankfully, we have everything you need to know how to get a Claw in Elden Ring as quick as possible.

Where to Find Gurranq and Beast Clergyman.

The players will find Gurranq, a guerrilla horsen in the northeastern side of Caelid, in the Bestial Sanctum.


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Players can either make their way over here or use a shortcut. The player’s adventure can mean players who become acquainted with a character named D. On the other hand, he can find himself around Saintsbridge.

He can fight or just let him. If you let her be, he’ll be holding the roundtable in the back as a cashier.

You must bring up the Deathroot of the Tribes. In Hell, You’re the Best of the Beast. Players will get a red mark with the location of a portal that will be transported directly to you! Wonderous Physick of Flask!

The Bestial Sanctum is one of the most challenging areas in the game for new players.

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How to find a deathroot for free?

Deathroot is a key item of the Elden Ring. Finding that is pretty hard.


Get One on Your Hands, an easy-fire method defeats Tibia Mariner, current leader, present in Summonwater Village, Wyndham Ruins, and Lakes of the Lakes.

There are many Black Knife Assassins present in Deathtouched Catacombs that drop Deathroot.

It looks like players need give Gurranq the Beast Clergyman 5 Deathroots, so they can get a Beast Clergyman’s pity. According to reports, the merchant will be hostile and attack you after the fourth deathroot – and we should fight him.

Beast Claw on Your Hands to Help You Give Him the Fifth Deathroot!

Beast Claw effects can be avoided.

The Beast Claw is one of the strongest in the Elden Ring.


Players will use this technique to sink their hands into the ground and swipe up, causing them to appear to the claws of five waves and continuously attack their enemies.

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The Beast Claw is a great AOE attack that can kill multiple enemies in no time at all. This is probably why it is such a complex item to get.

It will require players to have faith in 8. If you are not here, look out for our guide to improve your character.

Players should look for Incantations when they are vigilant and use the correct class and upgrading stats. Otherwise they will find spells unavailable to them.

Use your Focus Points to escape the spells.

If you are still living in Limgrave and looking for ways to help you, look no further. Check out our starter guide for help!

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