The Complete List of 2022 DCE Awards Winners Includes The Absolute Number 2022

The 2022 awards sat at the DICE Summit in Las Vegas yesterday, and we have a full list of winners. The big winners of the night included Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, which went away with many awards and Takes Two, which won Game of the Year among others. Returnals, Halo Infinite and Lone Echo, both won the event. In general, there are plenty of different types of genres across the board, with many major winners hunting out the pack. You can compare the winners to this list and watch the live show.

Credit: DICE

DCE was selected for the annual award ceremony. It takes two weeks to get ahead.

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Outstanding Achievement in the Game Instruction. Deathloop

Game Design in Achievement was outstanding. It’s called for two.

Animation outstanding in achievement. Ratchet andamp; Clank: Rift apart.

Art direction in Outstanding Achievement. Rift Apart & Clank & Company: Rift Apart & Company: Rift Apart & Company’s & Company Limited.

Character achievements are remarkable. Lady Dimitrescu is a resident and a resident of the village.

Original music composition in Outstanding Achievement. Returnal

Audio design in outstanding quality. Returnal

The Story of Outstanding Achievement. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy are now a thorny location.

Outstanding technical achievement. Clank, Strift and Clank: Rift.

Action Game of the Year! Halo Infinite

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The Year of Adventure Games. Guardians of the Galaxy: The Marvel Movie.

Game of the Year Family. Cockpit and Barge: Rift & Barge: Rift Apart.

Fighting Game of the Year! A CUTE OF GEAR – DURABLE- FOR YOU!

The Racing Game of the Year is a favorite. Forza Horizon 5 is a Forza.

The Year of the Game is a roleplaying game. Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker.

Sports Games of the Year. Mario Golf: A great ride.

The year of the strategy / simulation game. The Second Age of Empires.

Online Game of the Year! Halo Infinite

Realists are the best standard of technology. Lone Echo II.

What’s the Immersive Reality Game of the Year? Lone Echo II

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A single game for exceptional achievement of achievement. Unpacking

The mobile game is the year’s last. Pokemon UNITE

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