The Elden Ring: How to Beat Tibia Mariner


Take it easy with the spectral boatman.

Tough fights and even tougher enemies are the norms in any FromSoftware‘s games, and the Elden Ring is not an exception. Even If You Are Not In A Legacy Dungeon, There Is Always A Chance To Stumble Up To A Miniboss Out Of The Lands Between The Open World. If you have a spectral boatman hanging around and want to take it, here is our guide How to beat the Elden Ring in Tibia Mariner.

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Elden Ring in How To Beat Tibia Mariner

Even if the Tibia Mariner looks a tad intimidating, it’s just a red herring. Players should worry about more allies that they summons as they can be more dangerous. Sure, the Tibia Mariner may throw you at ranged attacks, but they are usually telegraphed ahead of time and can be avoided with distance or a good roll.

Start by inflicting as much damage as possible to the boss, and once it starts summoning allies, it will make a quick getaway. Looking around and checking out the surroundings, you should be able to spot the Tibia Mariner surrounded by its skeletal friends.

Focus on the Tibia Mariner When You Can Elden Ring

Kill them all, be sure to put them down when they hit the blue aura surrounds their body, and focus on the Tibia Mariner again. Once you whittle down its health, you will find yourself in a good bump as well as a Deathroot and the Skeletal Militiaman Ashes.

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That’s all there is to learning about it How to beat the Elden Ring in Tibia Mariner. Find out more about the game, including how to fast travel, how to backstab enemies, and the ever-important beginner tips and tricks.

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