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The Elden Ring: How to Cure Scarlet Rot

Enemies in Elden Ring are often not as dangerous as they can cause, but they can also inflict status ailments. These status ailments build overtime, and if they reach a certain threshold, they’ll take effect and cause your character to lose health quickly. There are more than one single way of curing, but typical of a FromSoftware title, the game isn’t particularly clear about what it is. Here’s Elden Ring in how to cure scarlet rot If you’re struggling to work it out.

How To Cure Scarlet Rot In Elden Ring

As mentioned above, there are multiple options for the Elden Ring in the Cure Scarlet Rot, although one of them is available to every character build that requires a certain level of Faith.

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Preserving Bolus with Curing Scarlet Rot

How To Cure Scarlet Rot

First, let’s review the easiest and most readily available cure: Taking a Preserving Bolus.

This item can be found throughout The Lands Between, although most plentifully given by Caelid is that many enemies that inflict scarlet rot. As you can see above, they look like moss of balls. Taking one eliminates scarlet rot and removes any build-up you have accumulated. Preserving Bolus is found in many locations, but you can find it beside the Rotting Balcony site of the Shack of the Northwest Part of Caelid. There is also a merchant nearby who sells it; He is located in the east of the Astray from the Caelid Highway North site of Grace, and 2500 runes each for the Sells Preserving Bolus.

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Alternatively, you can actually craft Preserving Bolus if you have the Armoror’s Cookbook (6), which is found in the Siofra River underground area. To get to it, travel to the west of the Siofra River Bank site, and retrieve it from a cliffside.

You will then need the following resources to craft Preserving Bolus:

  • 1x Sacramental Bud
  • 1x Crystal Cave Moss
  • 2x Dewkissed Herba

Curing Scarlet Rot With Flame, Cleanse Me

How To Cure Scarlet Rot

The Other Method of Curing Scarlet Rotation Using a Faith Incantation called ‘Flame, Cleanse Me.’ This incantation requires 12 Faith, so that you will not have to invest too many points in order to use Faith. It can also be cast with a basic Seal, such as the Finger Seal which is available for purchase at 800 Runes from Twin Maiden Husks.

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The Incantation itself is the grace of the Eastern Tableland site, near the Lakes of Liurnia.

That’s all you need to know how to cure Scarlet Rot in The Elden Ring. Be sure to search Twinfinite or check our guide for more tips, tricks, and information on the game.

If you have a specific question, you can find an answer to the site, then do the feel free to reach out to the comment section below, and we’ll do our best to lend a hand.

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