The Elden Ring: How to Get Deeproot Depths


Just like in previous Souls games and Bloodborne, Elden Ring features a handful of optional areas that players can miss if they’re looking for what they want. They’re definitely worth visiting, though, as some of them are tied in with NPC questlines. Here’s How to Get to Elden Ring in Deeproot Depths.

Getting to Elden Ring in Deeproot Depths

  1. Progress through the game until you reach Caelid and beat Radahn.
  2. Go back to East Limgrave and drop down to the big crater to enter Nokron, The Eternal City.
  3. Ancestral Woods until you reach this area through Progress.

    Mimic Tear Boss Beating After Ancestral Woods / Siofra Area

  4. Head north until you see some jellyfish, and look for a ledge you can drop down.

    This will lead you to the Siofra Aqueduct, where you can meet D’s brother and fight boss.

    elden ring deeproot depths
  5. Keep up with the Valiant Gargoyles boss fight until you reach the level.
  6. After beating the Valiant Gargoyles, go to the waterfall to find a coffin you can interact with.
    elden ring deeproot depths
  7. Rest in the coffin to trigger a cutscene, and you’ll arrive at the Deeproot Depths.
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The Deeproot Depths is home to a bunch of ant and basilisk enemies, and it’s also an area you need to visit if you’re planning on completing Fia’s questline and unlocking one’s game’s alternate endings.

It’s a tough area, but it’s also one of the smaller zones in the game so shouldn’t take too long.

That’s all you need to know about How To Get The Deeproot Depths In Elden Ring. Be sure to check out our guide for more tips and information on the game.

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