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The Elden Ring: Where to Get a Bow Early


If you opted for one of the Elden Ring classes, you should start out with a ranged weapon, chances are you know where you want to go and get a bow to help you deal damage to the enemy. flying enemies. Fortunately, it’s possible Get a Bow Early in Elden Ring If you know where to go.

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Getting a Bow Early in Elden Ring

To get a bow, head to the beach on the west coast of Limgrave. It’s the next to enter the open world, and can be reached by heading northwest, just by the Church of Elleh, and looking for a ramp down the beach.

Where to get the bowen early in the elden ring

Rather than heading north is the Coastal Cave, a large rock archway for head south and look. Underneath here, you’ll find one of many Elden Ring merchants, and 600 Runes for a Bow in this Sells.

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Nomadic merchant from the shortbow of buying

While you’re here, make sure you also stock up on your new ranged weapon. Keep in mind, however, that this shortbow does have a limited range, so it’s not all that viable for the long-term or the great distances from pick-up foes.

Aiming & Using the Bow

Open up the ‘Equipment’ menu and then select one of the armament slots. Select your bow and you can now equip it by pressing either left or right on the d-pad, depending on what hand you have equipped.

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Now, press L1 / LB / RMB to your bow, then press R2 / RT / LMB to fire it.

That’s all you need to know Where to Get a Bow Early in the Elden Ring. For more tips, tricks and guides, head over to our wiki, or see more of our handy guides FromSoftware’s latest below.

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