The Electronics Vendors can use Ukraine conflict as an excuse to panne prices

How will the global supply chain affect Ukraine? The good news is that for now, the US chip industry looks to be dissimulating. But the war could have been made because it was illegal for vendors to hike their cost.

I ‘m not surprised anyone says’ We’re raising prices due to conflict’, said Shawn DuBravac, chief economist of the electronics manufacturing trade group The IPC.

The problem is that there are already fears of sparking that could disrupt the production of semiconductor products in Ukraine and Russia as the top suppliers of non-gas, used in laser manufacturing. Russia is also a major producer of palladium, a rare metal used for electronics, sensori and fuel cells.

To have a sense, chip makers have found the way to source their neon gas elsewhere. The semiconductor industry has a very diverse selection of key suppliers of materials and gas. Russia and Ukraine, the members of the Semiconductor Industry Association, whose members name is AMD, Nvidia, and Qualcomm.

Intel added: We don’t expect significant impacts to our supply chain. Our strategy of having a global supply chain minimizes the likelihood of local interruptions.

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I-Hwa Cheng and Bushberg via Getty Images)

According to DuBravac last year, Americans imported about 45 percent of rare gas supplies, including neon, from Russia and Ukraine. In addition, they imported some products from China, Germany, and France. If the nation stops giving the United States its own neon, then the government can make more product of that use.

To my side, the threat will become a big war. The fight will also threaten to destroy neon gas and other raw materials in Ukraine. As far as it could go, that would probably increase the neon’s prices globally, said DuBravac.

And the other worry is that it will lead to higher oil prices and thus higher transportation costs, since Russia is a major energy exporter. If you look at freight costs in the USA, they are more than 65 percent higher than they were pre-pandemic, he said.

A global supply chain is already a fragile state due to COVID-19 and semiconductors for massive demand. The PC market has seen some of the worst in the world and with the price cuts coming. While the conflict in Ukraine is doing little harm to the supply chain, DuBravac said prices may be higher for electronics on consumer demand.

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Were there a place where they could raise their prices and they could justify these costs. And consumers are ready to pay up prices now, she said. The manufacturers were telling us we were raising the price because it was impossible to attend to the event.

DuBravac suspects that at least some vendors will use the war in Ukraine as a reason for the price hikes. That’s often true, but it’s going to be a price-added price.

Runar Bjrhovde, an analyst at Canalys, says the Ukraine will cause problems to rise. He said that we are probably planning to look into a few quarters to find out what the impact of this is on consumers, pointing out how much of the raw material, including oil, will likely rise.

Some people like the research firm IDC says its still too early to tell how the conflict will impact the supply chain. The US sanctions against Russia have actually cost the country some degree. Russia may respond with its own retaliatory measures, which could be damaging to the industries.

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The number of sanctions arose from the sanctions, the willingness of the other governments to proceed with them, and the willingness of any non-US companies to proceed with these, a statement said in an email. That’s what Russia is doing now, too. In the moment, many variables are really many.

Global Foundries, the largest US chip foundry, said that it did not anticipate any direct risk on its production of the Ukrainian conflict. “Our global footprint, with three continents on Fabs, helps us diversify our supply chain, allows us to cross-qualify our Fabs as well as leverage alternative sources outside Russia or the Ukraine,” the company said. We’re not totally immune to global shortages, but our footprint allows us to stay on top of the Brittle of the Earth.

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