The failure to solve a Dying Light 2 trophy (players who don’t receive trophies) is acknowledged

Dying Light 2, the survival and adventure game from Techland, is one of the few players to experience the negative impact of new glitches.

Some of the known bugs are so severe that they sometimes corrupt the savefile. However, in certain cases, they impact things a little easier like trophies.

Currently, some Dying Light 2 players are facing a trophy glitch where they do not receive trophies or achievements, as it appears to be the obvious reason.

Some Dying Light 2 players don’t receive trophies.

According to multiple reports, many Dying Light 2 players do not receive trophies after completing certain goals (2, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12).

This can happen randomly, at some point in the campaign. This problem appears to occur on any console and platform where the game is available.

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A shard of yellow trophies and achievement marks – 2 trophies / achievements – each with a black burning light.

after all, has anybody behaving to debug trophies? i haven’t gotten a trophy to enter the bazaar, and activate my first water tower; what was it that i had already done? So re-routed with a one-way turn off subway. Have you ever made that trophy? Do you know a bit about other trophy hunting? Source

There is no specific condition that would cause the Dying Light 2 trophy glitch. There is no effort to solve it.

Is anyone having a game with a trophy called Ps5 called Get Out Of My House?

From what I’ve read, this trophy is not as missable as it is in the story yet Im 2 missions ahead and I don’t have the trophy. It’s the one that killed you in the renegades of the fisheye. Does it have to kill all of them? Source

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A trophy bug is potentially: you need to get to me.

Since I have completed the ultramarathon and landed trophy, I realized it was the missing trophy. But I realized that the quest is also in line and I completed it easily and easily.

Is this a known bug? The mission will get unfortunate, but I guess I will save and break it right away. I hope that I will, until it does. Source

Moreover, the last Dying Light 2 patch, according to reports:


It’s not worth the glitch that affects the progress of the players in the campaign. However, trophies are often used to protect the players.

The Techland team is already aware.

The Techland team is already aware of the Dying Light 2 glitch where some players are receiving trophies. The company is the problem of preparing, but there is a new one for the estimate date.

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The trophies at the glitches we saw were on, and working on them. Sorry for inconvenience that we know a lot of players care about and their achievements in gaining confidence. Source

As soon as the day is over, we will update this story.

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