The Free Kaycee’s Mod Expansion Will Arrive for Inscryption Later This Week


Uncover the dark secret behind Inscryption.

One of the more innovative and interesting games of 2021 is getting more content, as Devolver Digital has announced the upcoming Kaycee’s Mod expansion for Inscryption. Touted as a free endless mode update, it will be available for players this coming March 17.

The news comes via the official Devolver Digital Twitter accountwhich will be good news for anyone looking to extend their time in Inscryption.

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The Kaycee’s Mod expansion will broaden what players can expect in Act I of Inscryption and essentially turns the game into an endless roguelike confined to Leshy’s cabin. As players of the base game would consider, it is likely that some secrets are waiting to be uncovered.

That is also in line with the story of the character Kaycee, who was a programmer on the in-game version of Inscryption. After her discovery of the dark secret behind the game, she set out to create a mod that will expose these secrets. This could very well be how players will discover more of the lore behind everything.

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For those unfamiliar, the official Inscryption Kaycee’s Mod description is as below:

Kaycee’s Mod is a free mini-expansion for Inscryption that hacks Leshy’s Cabin into an endless, and increasingly challenging, roguelike. Apply different skulls to your run to ascend the Challenge Levels. Reaching new levels unlocks new cards, challenges, and dev logs inscribed by the late Kaycee Hobbes as she uncovered the secrets on the disk.

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