The Guild Wars 2 addresses End of Dragons bugs, rolls out new supplies and requires new sales and sales

With almost two days of dragons in the end of Guild Wars 2, the ArenaNet ranks around the wild with slack cleaning up errant bugs. Yesterday, the studio posted patch notes, including several dozen bugs, such as client crashes, achievements, events, bosses, objectives, missions, lanterns, jade bots, fishing, and instances, including the wrecked final story for players at their journey of the end.

Another feature that you should not forget is that ArenaNet is already launching a new Supply Drop Request during the running sales. The cheapest perks are available tomorrow. With the permanent teleport to friends and world events, 20% off. There are a number of items that are available as well as a counter-shop and offer 3 – 3 weeks’ drop off box of supplies.

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If you are still playing the game, we can recommend the Flameseeker Chronicles column as a heartbeat, as I read on PBS, The Expansion and Introduction Stream last night.

Source: Official website, SDR.

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