The latest Pokemon is the most delayed due to the Ukraine War

The Pokemon Company hit fans with a Halloween movie over the weekend. The Legends to the Update: Arceus, Pokemon Unite, and, of course, the announcement that we will be making new Pokemon a lot more before 2022. Scarlet & Violet will introduce us to a new world, and a new generation of Pokemon Three guys shown on Sunday.

The Pokemon Company, which was shortly after the attack of Russia, was the head of the Pokemon Company. One might have thought it was insensitive to the press’s presentation of what happened between its announcement and Pokemon Presents taking place. The Pokemon Presents is exactly what it sounds like in a statement released by The Pokemom Company via Nintendo Life.

A Bite of Birds with Comes.

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We want to be sensitive to the major world events that are happening and the impact of those events. The statement reads that the pre-scheduled Pokemon Presents were not able to be postponed. The presentation was live, of course, and everything you saw on Sunday, including dates and updates, was already in place. The Legends Arceus Daybreak update meanwhile went live earlier this day with conjunction.

If you were confused about the nature of Pokemon Presents going live, further comments from The Pokemon Company could explain why. Our global audience for the respect we have is a large margin, according to the statement of the promotion. On Saturday and Sunday morning, there was a confusion about whether Pokemon Presents would be Japanese only, suggesting that there was little information for English-speaking Pokemon fans.

And even though the Pokemon Presents were not the case, the lack of information was simply a sign that the Pokemon Company was aware that there were a lot more important things going on around the world. Many studios and developers have tried to help Ukraine and its people in any way they can, and developers of games use Stop and Scream fake videos to help people with false footage.

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