The Most Worst-Known Players May Not Be An Angry At The Aloy Problem

Horizon Forbidden West has released 3 and 5 games, and it appears to be a huge success for Guerrilla Games and Xbox. We don’t have any sales figures yet, but on Metacritic the game is consistently ranked 88, and social media impressions suggest that the Internet is a much-anticipated sequel. That said, it’s not a perfect game. The Game does not have any game-changing issues, but it does have the same effect on players. For example, everyone hates Aloy’s hair.

Hair physics is one of the hardest things in the world. Guerilla Games are a safe way to play rather than play it safe. Unfortunately, he didn’t achieve his vision. If you played Horizon Forbidden West, you know Aloy’s hair physics breaks immersion often. Her hair is also inanimate and constantly moving, but sometimes when it’s moving she doesn’t even do it, like when she’s in a sitting room and not sitting around.

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Unfortunately, there has been a patch, which can help with the problem. Even though it is not enough, all the players of the PS4 and PS5 are complaining about the problem on social media.

Horizon Forbidden West with my one issue is FREAKIN FLOPPY Aloy hair, but none else moves at all.

Jebstar (@jebstartv) February 26, 2022

My first bug was when you gotta inspect your first machine. The prompt never pushed me, I was reminded to reload. It’s a picture clip. Most annoyingly, Aloys hair keeps doing so much, lmao. That’s always the top of the city in flying.

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Mauricio Sanchez (@mauroinmotion) February 26, 2022

Thanks for the good news. Aloys hair is so crazy, I’m going to tying my head and hope that it will help! Lol # HorizonForbbidenWest

Seanmander, Seanmeleon, Seanizard (@Seanie_Dee) February 26, 2022

How does an atomic drop in a fabric neoplasma not happen to the camera in 2022? I’m sure my children don’t know what you’re asking for. Aloy’s hairs. The Elden Ring is a treasure. Every camera sized and it’s a cloth / hair dance party. @ Dachsjaeger… is it really impossible to fix this?

The Emperor Has No Pixels (@YlfAndy) February 26, 2022

The PG4 and PG5 platform Horizon Forbidden West are available. There’s no word on any PC port now, but its predecessors are available on the platform, so expect this to change, but it could take a couple years.

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The film, “Horizon Forbidden West” is a very strong release for Guerrilla Games and PlayStation, which tells the story of one of the games we read about. “This is a complete sequel that looks bigger and better than the original, and thus achieves what it promises. Although I wanted more from the story and the whole concept of the game when it comes to Zero Dawn, fans who like the last title should still love the adventure.

Have you noticed Aloy’s crazy hair?

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