The Pokemon Company goes to Ukraine for money that will help humanitarian aid

The Pokemon Company released its first public statement about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 200 million in aid during humanitarian aid.

In The Statement, TPC More Than Mentions The Impact Of This Conflict On Their Families And The Children Involved.

The growing crisis in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, which is the cause of displacement of families and threats to the safety of children, is heartbreaking, said the TPC. The Pokemon Company is making an immediate donation of 200.000 dollars to GlobalGiving to help humankind.

GlobalGiving is a global crowdfunding platform that is used to fund grassroots charitable initiatives directly. With this donation, TC note that GlobalGiving will direct community-led organizations to focus on helping families and children affected by this crisis. You can check out the official Global Giving website for more information on the platform, its history and how it is used.

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This is the first time that TPC has donated such charities, as a company donated $ 25,000 to the Black Lives Matter and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People ($ NAACP, and two years later), and an award-winning five -Million dollars to other charities that focus on diversity in June 2020.

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