The Pokemon Company officially reveals Time Gazer and Space Juggler

The Pokemon Company today announced its next Pokemon OCG set Time Gazer and Space Juggler.

The two sets will star Original and Palkia which are the latest Pokemon videogame Legends by the game: Arceus.

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These two Pokemon will receive a new VSTAR treatment along with V-type standard variants. Finally arriving in the set are the Peal Clan leader Irida and the Diamond leader Adaman for trainer cards.

These sets of confirmation information comes from the last year when they were registered by The Pokemon Company.

Also seen were his pre-evolutions for his regular cards, Hisuian Decidueye, Typhlosion and Sammurott. Magnezone, Shieldon and Cranidos also carry their pre-evolutions with carry similarities.

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The new set will showcase the origins of both Dialga and Palkia in a packaging packaging. The Astral Radiance set is on its way to the West on April 8th, and is on its way to the West.

Astral Radiance is the next TCG set, and its release is planned for May 27th. It’s not clear which card from Time Gazer and Space Juggler will join this release, but it will likely include their featured Pokemon.

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